Shall We Dance?

Posted by on Apr 3, 2019 in news 2019

Shall we dance? | MUCEM, Marseille, France | Until 20 May 2019 | Group Exhibition

Yes, Let’s dance. We may not necessarily be Nijinski, Beyoncé, or Fred Astaire, but this does not matter as long as that at some point we dance: at a party, in a nightclub, at a concert, or just on our own in our living room. Dance is not for virtuosos; we all know how to do it and how to create it. This is the thinking behind the exhibition “Shall we dance?”, organised by the Mucem: a shared social activity, that creates bonds and is present throughout our lives and societies.

From the human body, dance’s primary area, to Trance that makes us forget it, the exhibition is an invitation to discover dance in places we are not used to seeing it and to realise how much it changes how we relate to self and others.

In a scenography that invites movement, visitors are free to come and go, sit down, have a stretch, lie down or lean back, all in a discovery of films, audio clips and extracts of texts. These works are organised in a six-hour audiovisual flow for a timebound visitor experience.

Visitors are free to move from one screen to another and to experience and choose how they observe and listen, given the exhibition space’s area, curves and materials … So, shall we dance?

—Head curator: Émilie Girard, Head curator for Heritage and head of the collections department and documentary resources of the Mucem
—Associate curator: Amélie Couillaud, Independent exhibition curator and performance programmer
—Scenography: Cécile Degos

With sponsorship from Aix Marseille French Tech and les Terrasses du Port