The Other Suit 2015

4 Channel video installation
HD video with sound
4 mins 42 sec

For the multiscreen video installation, The Other Suit, Patel is interested in the traces of pop culture that remain as physical memories in the body. Patel performs a range of male archetypes from Hollywood that have worked their way physically and lyrically into his memory. As with all such influences, they integrate with one another over time, drifting in and out of sync, revealing in this case a foursome of characters who question our right to heritage and belonging. They express it physically and vocally, often violently, but always with the Hollywood sheen of the audio track. The piece is shot in his living room, a place for watching and re-watching. The installation alludes to this space sculpturally, whilst providing gaps through which one will also catch glimpses of the other works, manifestations of these characterisations in other media.