The Jump 2015

2 Channel Video Installation
HD video with sound
6 mins 32 sec

The Jump, connects the widely recognised fantasy of Hollywood action and superhero films, with the domestic setting of his British Indian family home in the UK. Featuring 17 of his family members, The Jump is shot in Patel’s Grandmother’s home, the house that he and all of his immigrant relatives have lived in at various points since 1967, and where his late Grandmother lived until she passed in 2017.

Employing the characteristic humour in all Patel’s work, this new film installation creates an immersive cinematic experience that is both playful and sinister. Featuring Patel’s homemade movie replica Spider-Man costume, The Jump presents two different view points, of the artist leaping, suited up, in slow motion that is so slow it sometimes feels like a moving photograph. Shot with the production value of a Hollywood action movie, it also features an original orchestral soundtrack by composer Amy May, that Patel employs to push the work into epic realms.

The Jump by Hetain Patel, commissioned by Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, USA