Heaven & Earth 2014

HD single channel video with sound
Duration: 18 minutes 11 seconds

First presented at Darbar Festival 2014 at Southbank Centre, London, UK

Using rare archive footage of Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri’s solo tabla (classical Indian drums) performance at the Darbar Festival in 2012, Hetain had created his own performance, filmed at his home, that responds to and is syncronised with the timing of the concert.

Though a former tabla student himself, Hetain does not come from a musical linage. He was introduced to the tabla as a spectator ten years ago, drawn to it’s many layers, from the rhythm and complex time cycles, to the richness of the sounds, and the dexterity and dedication of the musicians.

As with all of Hetain’s artworks, whether video, performance or sculpture, he creates a meeting place for the familiar and the unfamiliar, to share access to worlds with seemingly hidden codes. In Heaven & Earth, he walks around his garden table in his back yard in South London; the small scale, domestic location and pedestrian aesthetic stand to contrast the magic, intricacy and virtuosity of the concert. Footage from these contrasting settings sit side by side connected by time, rhythm and movement.

In addition the walking provides a visual structure for the sixteen beat time cycle of the concert, allowing audiences, perhaps new to the art form, an additional entry point to Pandit Swapan Chauduri’s performance.

Commissioned by Darbar, supported by Arts Council England