God is a DJ 2014

Single screen video with sound
5 min 40 sec
220 animation drawings (a4 each drawing)

My first animation, God is a DJ (2014), uses the technique of rotoscoping to animate live footage of my mother, Leela, enacting a daily domestic routine.

This medium allows me to omit details such as her skin colour and the specifics of where she is and what she is doing. It removes the specifics of her race and class, whilst retaining her physical imprint. I’m interested in focusing the viewer’s attention to the repetition of her domestic movements out of context. I’m interested to highlight the inherited and practiced movements of day-to-day life that often remain hidden. In this case my mother is making chappati’s.

I’m interested in the idea of working with ones hands, and its association to working class. This representation of my mother’s repetitive work, sits alongside the physical results of mine – the 220 hand drawn images of her used for the animation.