I am a UK-based artist. My work is about being.

Conceptually driven, my practice begins with ideas about identity formation through the use of language and physical movement. This started with photography and the ritualistic use of culturally marked materials. Currently my work inhabits different forms including, photography, video and live performance. Working simultaneously across different media allows me the space to explore the multiple dimensions of a single idea, whilst also challenging the form I use. I also find the different communicative possibilities of different media allow me to reach different audiences.

Initially framing myself as the sole protagonist in what are often performative works, my practice is now increasingly populated by characters, both fictional and real, in relation to which I juxtapose myself in moments of elision and dissonance.

My work is not consciously political. Any explorations of identity are not statements but rather a result of ideas allowed to develop from their residence in my body. I almost wish to deny the burden of representation in order to engage with subtler layers of placing oneself in the world, often using humour as a way into this. Most recently this has taken form through the lens of imitation: an activity I find myself drawn to because of the requirement to listen acutely to someone or something outside of myself. This listening, in every sense of the word, feels like the key to a connection or exchange with someone else. I imitate my father, or somebody I’ve met, or equally DVD footage of Bruce Lee.